Tuesday, 16 October 2018
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Project Coordinator's Welcome
Dr Stephen Whitefield - Project Coordinator. Photographer: Gareth Edwards, 2006

Professor Stephen Whitefield - Project Coordinator

Eurequal is a 3-year project that will bring together a broad variety of perspectives, research techniques and a large team of collaborators across Europe to investigate social inequality and its social and political consequences in post-Communist Eastern Europe.

We have multiple research objectives and a multi-disciplinary design that will address key questions relating to the lives of both individuals and their families, on the one hand, and the development of post-Communist states and Europe, on the other:

The project has a multi-level comparative cross-national and over-time design, considering:

I will coordinate a multi-national team of research partners:

We will update these pages regularly to keep you informed of our activities and outputs. With so wide and complex a set of goals, however, we very much welcome the input that visitors to the site might also bring to our team. Please do contact me with comments and suggestions.

Yours sincerely,
Prof Stephen Whitefield