Thursday, 16 August 2018
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Institute of Sociology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland (UAM)
Professor Krzysztof Podemski

Krzysztof Podemski

Partner Summary

The Institute of Sociology, Adam Mickiewicz University was first founded in 1920 by the world famous Polish sociologist Florian Znaniecki. The Institute continues a tradition of sociological research in social structure and mobility, including aspects of inequality, including theory of social stratification, social stratification in contemporary Poland, living conditions of Polish families, poverty and homeless in contemporary Poland, ethnic minorities in Poland, aging in contemporary, handicapped people in contemporary Poland.

Team leader

Krzysztof Podemski, Institute of Sociology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland. Expert in Qualitative Methods in Social Research, Consumer Behaviour, Public Opinion. Author of a monograph on the sociology of the travel, co-author or 3 other books and 60 papers, including English-language publications with Westview Press and Edward Elgar, and participant in international research project with the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University and the quality of life assessment project in the Bertelsmann Foundation.

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