Thursday, 16 August 2018
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Median Research Centre, Romania (MRC)
Gábor Tóka

Gábor Tóka

Partner Summary

Median Research Centre is a new dynamic non-for-profit research, training and consultancy organisation. It was established in 2003 with the goal of undertaking state-of-the-art research in social sciences and in policy science. The majority of MRC researchers are young and Western educated. MRC will bring into this project its collection of data sets and secondary materials, as well as functional IT facilities, including the computers of the researchers, scanning and printing.

Team leader

Gábor Tóka is a board member of MRC, as well as Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. He contributed to the study material inequalities and the intergenerational transmission of various aspects of social status in Hungary; attitudes towards social inequality in an East-West comparison; and most recently to global comparisons and assessment of political inequalities generated by social factors in the electoral arena.