Thursday, 16 August 2018
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The Department of Politics and International Relations, the University of Oxford, UK
Dr Stephen Whitefield

Prof Stephen Whitefield

Partner Summary

The University of Oxford is globally renowned for the quality and diversity of its research, with over 3000 academic staff and 3000 postgraduate students working on research. The Department of Politics and International Relations has an international reputation for its rigorous analytical tradition, methodological pluralism and excellence, the promotion of exchange and exemplary practice, the propagation of advanced methodology and interdisciplinary work. It is one of the largest Politics departments in Europe, with a core establishment of over 80 full-time teaching and research staff, which is complemented by a wide range of posts in interdisciplinary research centres throughout the University held by staff whose primary discipline is Politics and who are full members of the Department.

Team leader

Professor Stephen Whitefield, Fellow in Politics at Pembroke College and University Lecturer in Politics, Oxford University since 1993. Prof Whitefield has considerable experience in running large-scale collaborative projects including within the INTAS and DFID frameworks and has contributed his expertise to a number of Tacis projects on aspects of welfare and government reform in the FSU. His contributions to this project will include all aspects of activity: project management and coordination; research design; oversight and implementation of all fieldwork (focus groups, national surveys, expert surveys), data analysis, writing of research papers and reports, organisation of conferences and dissemination activities.

Co-team leader

Professor Geoffrey EvansProfessor Geoffrey Evans, Official Fellow, Nuffield College, Professor in the Sociology of Politics University of Oxford, Director, Centre for Research Methods in the Social Sciences, University of Oxford. Professor Evans is one of the foremost European specialists in political attitude and behaviour research. His main contributions to the project will include questionnaire and measurement design, with particular emphasis on social structure and social mobility, data analysis, writing of research papers, and involvement in conferences and dissemination activities.

Research and Project Officer

Elena AvetovaElena Avetova, Research Officer, has extensive experience working in STREP and EU projects and is a specialist in the sociology of health inequalities. She works with both quantitative and qualitative data, with surveys and with focus groups. She is responsible for day-to-day running of the project.

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Matthew LovelessDr. Matthew Loveless joins the EUREQUAL project as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Relations. He is as well a Fellow at Nuffield College. His work has been regionally focused on Central and Eastern Europe works and he has been involved in large survey and data work (European Elections Project 2004). His contributions to the EUREQUAL project include data analysis, writing of research papers and reports, and the participation in and organization of conference and dissemination activities.

Project Dissemination and Administrative Officer

wittrockDr. Jill Wittrock joined the EUREQUAL project in February 2009 as the dissemination and administrative officer. She is also a post-doctoral researcher for PIREDEU, which is an infrastructure project devoted to evaluating electoral democracy among the member states of the EU. Her research interests focus on the consequences of electoral reform for voting behaviour. She is responsible for publicity, disseminiation activities, and the organization of roundtables and conferences related to the EUREQUAL project.