Thursday, 16 August 2018
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Central European University, Hungary (CEU)
Dr Éva Fodor

Éva Fodor

Partner Summary

The CEU is renowned centre for excellence in research in social sciences; it has extensive experience in research in Central and Eastern Europe and the NIS in various fields including social stratification, social exclusion, inequality, social mobility and other fields relevant to this proposal. The main role of the CEU in the project will be collecting country-specific information on the issues pertinent to the topic of inequality and its consequences in society and analyse the data and involvement in data analysis and dissemination of project results.

Team leader

Éva Fodor’s research interests include gender and work, development policy and social inequalities, poverty and welfare. Currently she is involved in an international comparative project on gender, development and poverty. Fodor has successfully completed several important multi-country projects relevant to the proposed research, namely "Managing Life in Poverty: The Division of Labour and Resources in Poor Households in Hungary." July 2001-July 2003 and "Gender and Equal Opportunities: A Comparative Study of Enterprise-Level Inequalities."

Further Information