Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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Krzysztof Podemski “Economical Inequalities in Poland in Comparative Perspective”.


This paper focuses on the essential role of economic inequality in contemporary world. Economic inequality indicators in Eastern European countries are shown on the background of worldwide data. Six types of postcommunist European societies are distinguished, taking into account 3 criteria: Gini index, GDP per capita and GDP real growth, e.g. countries with low Gini, high GDP, and high GDP real growth (Czech Republic, Slovakia) and countries with high Gini, very low GDP, and high GDP real growth. These "objective" measures of economic inequality are then compared with data from EUREQUAL on the social perception of economical inequalities. The results point to some difficult to explain differences between "objective" measures and subjective experiences of inequality that are most visible in the case of Hungary and Slovakia (perception is stronger than GINI) and in case of Belarus and Moldavia (the reverse situation).