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EUREQUAL Round Table

26-27 June 2009
University of Oxford


Introductory remarks (Stephen Whitefield)

Session 1

What is social inequality in Central and Eastern Europe? (Stephen Whitefield, Matthew Loveless and Chiara Binelli)

Being unequal and seeing inequality (Stephen Whitefield and Matthew Loveless)

Session 2

Differences in health status and health inequalities: a comparison of 13 nations of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (Elena Avetova)

East-West differences in the relative importance of own and father's education for self-assessed health (Nan Dirk de Graaf)

Session 3

Social inequality: the situation in Russia and Belarus (Galina Eremicheva)

Causes and manifestations of social inequality in Ukraine (Olesya Trofymenko)

Session 4

Evaluation of attitudes on social inequalities in post-communist Romania: political and institutional actories, policies and electors (Aurelian Muntean)

Social inequalities and the left-right orientation in 13 post-communist countries (Krzysztof Podemski)

Perception of social inequality in the Czech Republic: What can we learn from longitudinal and cross-national comparison? (Jan Hartl)

Session 5

The political consequences of social inequality: democratic legitimation and Central and Eastern Europe (Matthew Loveless)

Social inequality and social conflict: Evidence from the new market economies of Central and Eastern Europe (Stephen Whitefield and Matthew Loveless)

Session 6

Public representations of social inequality in Bulgaria (Velina Topalova)

Perceptions of social inequality of Lithuanian cohorts: Dynamics or Stability? (Saulius Novikas)


Podcasts of the presentations will be available soon.