Friday, 20 July 2018
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EUREQUAL Round Table:
Social Inequality and Its Consequences in Central and Eastern Europe

From left to right: Matthew Loveless, Saulius Novikas, Aurelian Muntean, Stephen Whitefield,
Jill Wittrock, Elena Avetova, Krzysztof Podemski, Jan Hartl, Velina Topalova


The EUREQUAL partners hosted a round table at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford from 26-27 June 2009. The round table brought together EUREQUAL partners to disseminate knowledge regarding the potential impact and policy implications of the EUREQUAL-gathered data. There is considerable evidence of potential links between social inequality and democratisation, democratic consolidation and political conflict. The panellists discussed how social inequality may have a powerful impact on the political life of undemocratic, marginally democratic, democratising as well as other states in the process of democratic consolidation.


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For more information, please contact Dr. Jill Wittrock ( or 01865 278720).