Thursday, 16 August 2018
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EUREQUAL starts data collection

The project is in the data collection stage now. In early November 2006 the focus group guide was piloted in Riga, Latvia. Afterwards 54 focus groups distinguished by income (low and average) were conducted in urban and rural areas of 12 post-Communist Eastern European countries. The focus group respondents were asked about manifestations and perceived causes of social inequality, about their views of how and whether inequality can be justified, about how it has changed, and about what can be done about it (if anything) and by whom. The recorded material has been transcribed and translated and we have now started the preliminary analysis. The preparations had been made and two surveys started in May 2007. First, we have conducted surveys of citizens in 13 post-Communist Eastern European countries, regarding their experience of, and attitudes toward, social inequality, including how such experiences and attitudes are reflected in their choice of political parties and other political behaviour. Second, we have started surveying experts on the region regarding the stances (if any) adopted by political parties toward social inequality issues and the salience they may attach to them.