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EUREQUAL researchers finds connection between Social Conflict and Social Inequality in CEE

Posted 07-11-2009

Professor Stephen Whitefield and Doctor Matthew Loveless find that citizens in less equal societies expect free markets to generate social conflict. >Press release


EUREQUAL reaches end of project

Posted 04-11-2009

Eurequal has reached the end of its funding period, although the dissemination of knowledge is ongoing. The mass and expert survey codebooks will be available under Working Papers. Please contact Prof. Stephen Whitefield if you have enquires about the datasets.


Social Inequality correlates with support for the EU in Central and Eastern Europe

Posted 04-11-2009

A new report reveals citizens in new EU member states are less likely to support the EU if they perceive or experience unfair societal access and market opportunities. >Press release

EUREQUAL partners to meet in Prague

Posted 7-09-2009

Representatives from the EUREQUAL partner institutes and universities will meet for a final project meeting at Charles University, Prague, from 25-26 September. The partners will discuss their present and future plans for the data collected via the project in addition to reflecting upon what was learned about the nature of social inequality in Central and Eastern Europe.


EUREQUAL Represented at Toronto Conference

Posted: 05-08-2009

Professors Stephen Whitefield and Robert Rohrschneider will present a paper, entitled "Party Divisions in Europe: Theory and Evidence from an Expert Survey in 27 European Democracies," and Prof. Geoffrey Evans and Dr. Matthew Loveless will present "Social Structured Inequality and Ideological Polarization in Post-Communist Societies" at the American Political Science Association's annual meeting in Toronto, Canada (3-6 September 2009). The data for these papers are derived from surveys on the stances of political parties and elites and mass surveys conducted in 13 Central and Eastern European countries. The elite and mass surveys were conducted as part of the EUREQUAL project.

Project Round Table: Presentations Available

Posted: 30-06-2009

Partners of the EUREQUAL project met at the University of Oxford from 26-27 June 2009 for a round table. The presentation slides may be found here. Podcasts from the event will be available at iTunes U and the University of Oxford. >Round table information


Project Round Table: 26-27 June 2009

Posted: 18-05-2009

The EUREQUAL partners at the University of Oxford will host a project round table, "Social Inequality and Its Consequences in Central and Eastern Europe." The round table will take place from 26-27 June 2009 at the Manor Road Building and will bring together representatives from the EUREQUAL partners. >Round table information


Loveless presents EUREQUAL results at Beijing Conference

Posted: 18-05-2009

Dr. Matthew Loveless presented a paper utilising EUREQUAL data at a conference in Beijing, organised by the International Sociological Association's Research Committe on Social Stratification and Mobility and held from 14-16 May 2009. >Full story


Qualitative Data Meeting at Russian Research, Ltd.

Posted: 2-04-2009

A group of the EUREQUAL project partners held a working meeting at the London office of Russian Research Ltd. from 20th - 21st March 2009 to make cross- country comparisons of the qualitative data. >Full story

Data Analysis Meeting

Posted: 13-03-2009

EUREQUAL project partners will be meeting at the London office of Russian Research, Ltd from 20-21 March 2009 to make cross-country comparisons of the qualitative data and to compile a first draft of the academic report.


Jill Wittrock joins EUREQUAL

Posted: 13-03-2009

Dr. Jill Wittrock was hired in February 2009 as the project's dissemination and administrative officer. Please contact her for press releases, interview queries, and activities related to the dissemination of the project's key findings.


Analytical Phase

Posted: 21-01-2009

With the completion of data collection and the construction the integrated data set, the analytical phase of the Project is now in full swing. Over the next year, the Project will concentrate its research efforts on the concrete issues outlined in its objectives and will produce both comparative and country-specific working papers and analysis. Some of the working papers can already be seen here.


Data Collection

Posted: 01-04-2007

The project is in the data collection stage now. 54 focus groups distinguished by income (low and average) were conducted in urban and rural areas of 12 post-Communist Eastern European countries. > Full story


The EUREQUAL Inception Meeting

Posted: 10-07-2006

The EUREQUAL Inception Meeting (30th June – 1st July) was held at the Department of Politics and International Relations (Seminar Room C) in Manor Road. > Full story