Thursday, 16 August 2018
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In order adequately to address the important issues outlined and discussed at B1 (and its sub-sections), new data are required which will be integrated with a broad range of existing sources so as to allow modelling of causes and effects of social inequality at the individual and country levels. No such data set exists that contains the necessary range of appropriate measures or a sufficiently broad range of post-Communist states to allow for systematic investigation of the research questions posed above. We do note, however, that the project will make the fullest use of data and analysis that is already publicly available, much of which is of high quality. Moreover, some of the most significant relevant data have been collected by the Oxford University Coordinator and other members of the consortium.

A distinctive feature of the proposed project, therefore, is that it will create and integrate a unique data set, which will combine:

This combination of data from a large sample of post-Communist Central and East European states will allow us to address for the first time the important economic, social and political questions discussed above.

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