Tuesday, 16 October 2018
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Data Set

The mass survey data set and codebook are available:

Download Data Set (.sav)

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Professor Stephen Whitefield
- Project Coordinator
Dr Stephen Whitefield - Project Coordinator

"Eurequal was a 3-year project that brought together a broad variety of perspectives, research techniques and a large team of collaborators across Europe to investigate social inequality and its social and political consequences in post-Communist Eastern Europe"

Past News

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"European Equality Matters..."

These pages are no longer updated; this site remains for reference purposes only.

Social inequality matters enormously: to the life chances of individuals and households, particularly among the least advantaged in poorer societies; and for the avoidance of domestic and international conflict, market stability and democratic consolidation.

Impact on the European Union

It matters also to the EU, particularly as it engages with the challenges social inequality poses for the economic and democratic development of new member and associated candidate states and their citizens, as well as European states of the former Soviet Union that are on the EU’s Eastern borders.

Project Goals

The purpose of Eurequal was to create and disseminate knowledge that would facilitate the achievement of greater social equality between individuals, social cohesiveness in societies, democratic and market development, and the broader integration of Europe.

The University of Oxford

Our research was based in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, with input from a consortium of research partners.